proxy.core.event.queue module#

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  1. 2013-present by Abhinav Singh and contributors.


BSD, see LICENSE for more details.

class proxy.core.event.queue.EventQueue(queue: queue.Queue)[source]#

Bases: object

Global event queue. Must be a multiprocess safe queue capable of transporting other queues. This is necessary because currently subscribers use a separate subscription queue to consume events. Subscription queue is exchanged over the global event queue.

Each published event contains following schema:

    'request_id': 'Globally unique request ID',
    'process_id': 'Process ID of event publisher. This '
                  'will be the process ID of acceptor workers.',
    'thread_id': 'Thread ID of event publisher. '
                 'When --threadless is enabled, this value '
                 'will be same for all the requests.'
    'event_timestamp': 'Time when this event occured',
    'event_name': 'one of the pre-defined or custom event name',
    'event_payload': 'Optional data associated with the event',
    'publisher_id': 'Optional publisher entity unique name',
publish(request_id: str, event_name: int, event_payload: Dict[str, Any], publisher_id: Optional[str] = None) None[source]#
subscribe(sub_id: str, channel: multiprocessing.connection.Connection) None[source]#

Subscribe to global events.

sub_id is a subscription identifier which must be globally unique. channel MUST be a multiprocessing connection.

unsubscribe(sub_id: str) None[source]#

Unsubscribe by subscriber id.